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At the moment we experience very rare planetary positions which release enormous amounts of electrical particles - waves of energy - pertaining deep wisdom about who we are and not least why we due to our soul contract have chosen to come or return to Earth at this specific time in history. As we are electrical beings it is possible for us to have direct communication with electrical beings on other planets in the universe through exchange of these particles in our astral body. My readings are based on your astrological birth chart to find out exactly the position of the planets in the sky when you were born. Then I shuffle my Tarot de Marseille cards while asking the questions you wish an answer to or simply just asking for inspiration and guidance at this point in your life. This will hopefully give you an impression of your soul's mission here on Earth, what to focus on and what to let go of.

Please mail me for more information and prices as these can vary in relation to how long a reading you wish for and to what you specifically wish to know more about. After completing a reading I will record it and either send it or mail it to you in accordance to which you prefer.

You are always welcome to follow my weekly readings below for the general tendencies going on right now on the planet.

🎇Astrology and Tarot Card Reading:

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