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At the moment we experience very rare planetary positions which release enormous amounts of electrical particles - waves of energy - pertaining deep wisdom about who we are and not least why we due to our soul contract have chosen to come or return to Earth at this specific time in history. As we are electrical beings it is possible for us to have direct communication with electrical beings on other planets in the universe through exchange of these particles in our astral body. My readings are based on your astrological birth chart to find out exactly the position of the planets in the sky when you were born. Then I shuffle my Tarot de Marseille cards while asking the questions you wish an answer to or simply just asking for inspiration and guidance at this point in your life. This will hopefully give you an impression of your soul's mission here on Earth, what to focus on and what to let go of.

Please mail me for more information and prices as these can vary in relation to how long a reading you wish for and to what you specifically wish to know more about. After completing a reading I will record it and either send it or mail it to you in accordance to which you prefer.

Hope you will join me for a new set-up of frequent card readings from the animal kingdom, fairies' world, Tarot wisdom and astral realm here on my website! Stay tuned for readings that I share for the only purpose to assist YOU on your own personal journey and support your own healing abilities to create a balanced happy life! There is a reason for everything.

For more inspiration on astrology please go to my YouTube channel. For more information coming through from the Tarot and Fairies' Oracle, please look below or go to my YouTube channel.

Tarot de Marseille Card Reading / Underlying Energies of Present World Changes / September 9th 2020:

Tarot Tarot Tarot
Tarot Tarot

The first card to show up in this reading is the world card (major arcana) and it tells us that we are wrapping up cosmic cycles so that new cycles can begin for us. We are evolving and as we are now reaching a new level of ascension, we will see more clearly what kind of lessons we have learned from the cycle we have just come out of. Along with this, there may also be rewards turning up for us to cheer us on on the path of enlightenment. When asking about in which area of life this world energy turns up for us, we have two cards coming out; seven of chalices and the knave of swords (minor arcana). Seven of chalices is all about our emotions, spirituality, sensitivity and psychic abilities and points to the element of water, which is a feminine, gentle and slow moving energy. Here I feel a clear reference to the Age of Pisces that we are moving out of and which has matured us enough to really see what is going on behind the curtains, as the card is referring to our imagination and creativity. We have finally come to a point of acceptance of our imagination and creativity being something real, tangible and existing/playing out, just like anything else. Looking through the veil of illusion and now understanding the concept and meaning of Oneness/All is One. With the knave of swords we are in the area of communication, thoughts, ideas and in the air element, which is of a more masculin forward moving energy. Moving out of the energies of the Age of Pisces, we are here being guided towards the Age of Aquarius; Aquarius being an air sign. The knave of swords is the reasearcher, the truth seeker, however, it can also refer to surveillance. So, here I get the feeling that entering the Age of Aquarius we are beginning to ask questions about our freedom. Both on an individual and a collective level. We are in for the big revealing truths and we are rising from the water surface to reach a higher consciousness, a better overview of things in the air element that allows us to reflect on what we have just been going through, what to do with it, which direction to NOW turn into. Aquarius is further pointing to science, technology, telepathy, astrology, humanity, and very different/brand new/refreshing thinking.

At the bottom of the major arcana card deck we find the moon card referring to the unknown, occult, mysteries, visions, our soul and soul tribe, home, and our dreams. Also, the moon is about everything that has to do with the past - past lives, past emotions, past habits, etc. The card showing up at the bottom of the minor arcana card deck is four of pentacles. So, overall this period of time is about the soul coming to the surface, communicating and manifesting in our three dimensional lives; four of pentacles representing the earth element. Especially, four of pentacles is about expansion in our financial situation, and also realization in that area as well as in the area of job opportunities, accomodation, and any kind of physical surroundings. Things will have an X-ray like check up and we will begin to understand, appreciate, and respond to more cosmic influences appearing in our lives - and sometimes perhaps in a very surprising, breathtaking, out-of-the-blue like way. To accompany all of us in these challenging times, I recommend this fabulous piece of music Bob Sinclair - World Hold On.

Remember that my readings are focusing on us as human beings in general in the world, and so it will not necessarily resonate with your personal journey in details. However, you may find that there are areas of your life where the information will feel just right for you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your own life journey in particular. I would love to hear from you, doing my best to assist you with a starting point in the astrology - to find out more about your natal chart, please go to Astro Dienst.

Thank you for joining! I will be uploading readings frequently here on my website. Stay tuned!
Love to all !

Astro – Tarot Card Reading/ Guidance from the astral realm; the Star People/ September 11th 2020:
(If you would like to know more about the Star People, whom we are interconnecting with through our higher-self as we are all One, please tune in to my YouTube channel and some of my first videos – you will find more info there).

Tarot Tarot
Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot
Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot
Tarot Tarot

From the astrology card deck we have Jupiter and Mercury showing up to let us know that there is a focus on our belief systems, knowledge turned into wisdom, teaching, faith, optimism, and self-confidence, BUT since Jupiter is a gas planet, we need to be careful in these areas as we risk to over-believe, over-do, over-trust, over-teach, etc. As we have the South Node in Sagittarius until the beginning of 2022 and the North Node in the opposite zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Gemini, it is important to note here that we are moving away from the past (South Node) characterized by Sagittarian energies and into the future (North Node) characterized by Gemini energies ruled by Mercury. So, with Mercury on the stage we are guided to move into more clear thinking, having a childlike, fresh air attitude/perception of things going on – bringing information out on how we could learn from past teachings, belief systems, and what and where we might have been putting over optimism, self-confidence and faith in up until now that might have been of a false/outdated nature. We are joggling fire (Jupiter, physical) and air (Mercury, mental) elements here, so we need to become less 'fiery' and more 'cool overviewing' – both energies are of a masculine fastmoving nature. Also, Mercury is dealing with the third house of learning, communication, information, and our daily close surroundings - and is the closest planet to the Sun (the messenger of God) - reminding us to 'come back' to ourselves, becoming our own enlightened Buddha, and communicating our recently acquired visions and ideas on life. Leaving everything behind that has been put upon us and which we have allowed to rule our personal lives so far.

Let us have a look at the Tarot cards coming out when asking about more details on this. Here we have the strength card (major arcana) along with two of cups (minor arcana) showing up to inform us on how we now have the opportunity to integrate strength, courage, and self-mastery/our Inner Master/our eternal flame into our soul mission in life/our passion. With two of cups we are in the water element referring to our emotions, spirituality, and psychic abilities, so through connecting with our inner wisdom/the water running in our bodies we will find the direction which feels just right for us on an individual level. As Mercury is also called the ‘small traveler’ we will be moving around in our environment to share our newly perceived godly information with each other.

Next cards out are the temperance card with the hanged man (major arcana) accompanied by three of cups, five of wands, three of swords, and seven of pentacles. The Star People is here pointing to the fact that we are healed, transformed, up-graded and transitioning from three dimensional materialistic living into altruism, enlightenment, and asceticism in all four elements of life – fire, earth, air and water. We will feel a balance in our emotions/spirituality, great effort/struggle in our physical bodies/our relationships, mental (communicative, thinking pattern) introspection/analysis, and lastly optismism/charity/doing our duty when it comes to our material, capitalistic lives also including accommodation, daily routines, and our physical surroundings. In other words, everything is playing out, and we need to keep an extra eye on ourselves and our reaction/responding patterns to things we thought would last forever, but which now seem to be changing for good. Who are we now in the world? What are our new roles in it?

At the bottom of the major arcana card deck we have the wheel of fortune and at the bottom at the minor arcana card deck we have five of swords – so in general things are changing on a mental level, the swords pointing to our mental body. Timelines and crossroads are meeting up to settle for something that resonates more and more with our true selves/ DNA/ inner flame. Times of worry, remorse, guilt and blame in our communication, thinking patterns, and mental body overall is over and we seem to be meeting the mirror of what we on a mental level has created ourselves through now outgrown patterns of visioning and perceiving the world. Remember that we are all co-creators of our destiny and so we can change things playing out simply by correcting or redirecting our way of thinking.
To encourage us all on this tricky path, I found this marvelous piece of music Leonard Cohen - Traveling Light.

If you have any questions about any of the issues in this reading, feel free to contact me. I am trying to offer quick readings, as my readings would be too long if I had to move into every detail. Thank you for joining, stay inspired and keep inspiring each other – we are in intriguing times! Share your inner knowledge!

Love to all !
Decks used: Astrology Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert/ Richard Crookes; Tarot de Marseille by Lo Scarabeo

***Messages from passed on loved ones, personal spirit guides, spirit masters, or whom or what you may regard as your personal guidance coming in through your higher-self moving your consciousness to connect with the electrical impulses coming from our solar system, galaxy, universe, cosmos. Let the cards speak to you just as they are, hopefully providing you with answers to your questions or inspiration on how to work deeper with yourself and on certain aspects of your life. Cards pulled on September 14th 2020 if this date holds any specific meaning to you...Enjoy! Loving blessings to you!***

Love to all !
Decks used: Messages from Heaven by Jacky Newcomb; Angel Power by Gaye Guthrie/Hiroyuki Satou

Tarot Tarot
We have fun and you too must enjoy yourself/ Make room for that happy ending; it's now within your grasp.

Tarot Tarot
Luck is on your side. Let the magic happen/ Pray for what you need, but be grateful for what you have already received.

Tarot Tarot
Follow your intuition/ Use your mistakes to inspire and empower you to face brighter days ahead.

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🌍~ Fairies' Oracle Intuitive Timeless Reading ~🌏

The cards below were pulled on the September 17th New Moon. So, if this particular date/time holds any personal meaning to you, please add it to the fairy messages as well. Like wise, the numbers and colours on the cards might hold personal meanings to you. If so, please take in the message you intuitively feel each number and colour brings to you. Perhaps not all the messages from these cards will resonate with your personal journey/ question, so take with you what FEELS right and leave the rest behind. Hope you will find that some, if not all, of these cards will speak their magical language to you. Enjoy and thank you fairy much for joining!

Love to all !
Deck used: The Fairies' Oracle by Brian Froud/ Jessica Macbeth

Tarot Tarot Tarot

The first card to show up from the deck is 40 Honesty. Uhhh...look at him/her...almost an x-ray, see-through expression to tell us that it is time to take another look at ourselves and situations in our lives and this time be completely honest about it all/what we really see. Everything we communicate to others, whether in writing or when speaking needs to be truthful in every detail to make sure there is no confusion between the parties involved. And Honesty also reminds us to do this with tact and compassion, leaving out any brutal delivery of truthful emotions, facts, etc. Hold the course! With card 2 Ekstasis joining this reading we are being reminded that by being truthfully honest to the very core will lead us to joy, motivation in life, ecstasy - simply feeling as One with the original song, melody, note of Cosmos. Here we have reached an insight of why we are on this planet at this given time in history. This special joyous flow of joy in our system, this tuning in with life itself, creates power, light and motivation to BE our potential. At this point, we feel that there is a higher meaning to life and that we are reaching fulfillment. Whatever project, situation, etc. we are facing we now have the divine BIG green light signaling to us that "YES" we are on the right track, moving in a good direction - getting closer to experience great joy and accomplishment! The last card, 34 Sylvanius, is talking about clarity, truth, and cutting through deception. Sort of removing the masks from our faces to find there is so much more to find deep within ourselves. That we are so much more than what we give ourselves credit for. We now have the opportunity - after having entered the great song of Cosmos feeling its overwhelming power - to eliminate the false beliefs we have had about ourselves so far OR which we have allowed others to put upon us. We can accomplish far more than expected; we have far more to give and enjoy than we thought. Let us dive deeper in our own layers to find new truths on which we can build and grow mutual respect, affection, and trust in our relationships!
If you wish the soft, gentle music of the fairies' to assist you while reading or meditating on the messages just received, you will find it here. Enjoy!

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