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Astrology Podcasts/ Aquarius Season 2021
*New Year* - Pick a Pile Reading

Astrology and Tarot - Welcome and thank you for visiting!

At the moment we experience very rare planetary positions which release enormous amounts of electrical particles - waves of energy - pertaining deep wisdom about who we are and not least why we due to our soul contract have chosen to come or return to Earth at this specific time in history. As we are electrical beings it is possible for us to have direct communication with electrical beings on other planets in the universe through exchange of these particles in our astral body. My readings are based on your astrological birth chart to find out exactly the position of the planets in the sky when you were born. Then I shuffle my Tarot de Marseille cards while asking the questions you wish an answer to or simply just asking for inspiration and guidance at this point in your life. This will hopefully give you an impression of your soul's mission here on Earth, what to focus on and what to let go of.

Please mail me for more information and prices as these can vary in relation to how long a reading you wish for and to what you specifically wish to know more about. After completing a reading I will record it and either send it or mail it to you in accordance to which you prefer.

Hope you will join me for a new set-up of frequent card readings from the animal kingdom, fairies' world, tarot wisdom, and astral realm here on my website! Stay tuned for readings that I share for the only purpose to assist YOU on your own personal journey and support your own healing abilities to create a balanced happy life! There is a reason for everything.

Please remember that my readings are focusing on us as human beings as a collective in the world, and so it will not necessarily resonate with your personal journey in details. However, it is my hope that you may find that there are areas of your life where the information will feel just right for you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your own life journey in particular. I would love to hear from you, doing my best to assist you with a starting point in the astrology - to find out more about your natal chart, please go to Astro Dienst.

For more inspiration on astrology please go to my YouTube channel. For more information coming through from the Tarot and Fairies' Oracle, please look below or go to my YouTube channel.

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Love to all !

ASTROLOGY PODCASTS/ Aquarius Season 2021:   Tarot

Tarot Tarot
The Sun - "Your immortal spirit, purpose and destiny is involved".
Aquarius - "This energy is freedom loving, rebellious, idealistic and technological".

Tarot Tarot
The Eleventh House - "Where the cosmos grants wishes, luck, friends and social occasions".
Uranus - "Your potential for sudden change, enlightenment and awakening".

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To have a look at your natal chart, please go to Astro Dienst.

Love to all !
Deck used: Astrology Reading Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert/ Richard Crookes

🎆🎉*NEW YEAR* - PICK A PILE READING/ Where will Your Focus be in 2021...?🌄 🌅 🎇

When preparing for this reading a card popped out from the Divine Directions card deck...*Soulmates*...

Tarot ..."Soulmates are important people who teach you life lessons. They can be friends, lovers and family members".

So, however this may resonate with you and your personal situation when coming across this reading, please bear this card in mind when reading on. I feel that this card is the underlying energy of the specific choice of pile and holds great meaning of how to move on in life when entering 2021:

Tarot     Tarot     Tarot

   ♈       ♉       ♊       ♋       ♌     ♍      ♎      ♏      ♐       ♑      ♒      ♓      

For those of you who chose the Planet pile, we have Mars showing up with the card *Nature*. The planets are telling you something about how you show up, your characteristics – a description of you as the person you are. While Mars is about energy, drive, strength, passion, devotion, hard work, instincts, ego and willpower, it will always serve you best to stay grounded; not letting your temper get the better of you. Mars is also the planet of conflicts and wars, bigger or smaller, and so it will be wise of you to show good judgement and overview before you choose your ‘fight or flight’-strategy; before you go into ‘defense’-mode, taking everything that happens around you as a threat to your very existence. These two cards remind you of reconnecting with not only the nature around you, but also with your own nature, to be able to make the best decisions for your future projects. If there is something you have been working with in some areas, Mars indicates that you will be instantly victorious as your nature is competitive and fiery – you will simply quite naturally connect with the strength that is required. Just remember to be in tune with the earth, the animals, plants, flowers, etc. so your steps forward will follow the rhythm of life – actions built on passion coming from the heart are actions well-used so to say - Happy New Year to All !
Look for the placement of Mars in your natal chart – houses and signs will let you know more about the effects of the Mars energies. Mars resides in the first house surrounded by the universal energies of Aries (fire element). Mars leaves Aries on January 6th and continues into Taurus where it meets Venus who resides in this sign. The first house is marking a new beginning – the astrological new year is considered to begin in this house and sign – so new energy reaches the surface in the specific house/life area where Mars is present!
Tarot Tarot
*Nature* - "Reconnect with nature - feel the sun on your skin. Walk barefoot on the grass".

   ♈       ♉       ♊       ♋       ♌     ♍      ♎      ♏      ♐       ♑      ♒      ♓      

For those of you who chose the House pile, we have the fourth house coming out with *Proud*. The houses represent the life areas, and this particular house is referring to domestic issues – whether you are dreaming of moving into a new home or you are dealing with an already existing and satisfying home life. Since this house shows up with *Proud*, I feel that there is a quite clear reference to family members, still here on the planet or deceased, and being aware that every situation you went through together holds great meanings to the person whom you have become. Further, it could hold a reference to you having lived in many places and through that have had many different homes; is this the case for you, you should fully recognize yourself and your efforts, because it has taught you a lot and shown you that there is hope and adventure in every place you call “home”. Perhaps for others of you this card strongly confirms that a move of home is on the canvas, and through that new family dynamics. On a soul level, this card refers to what makes you feel at home within yourself and what comforts, nurtures, and takes care of you in your close everyday surroundings. Go inwards, look deeply, embrace your past - Happy New Year to All !
The fourth house is surrounded by the universal energies of Cancer. The Moon resides here, talking about nurture and care, dreams, past, our divine feminine nature, emotions, and habits/routines (as the Moon visits every zodiac sign in just 28 days - due to the rotation of the Earth – and so it picks up on many different situations in our lives viewed from an emotional vantage point). Look for the fourth house in your natal chart and see if there are any planets here and look for which universal energies this house is surrounded by. This will bring you more detailed insights on where this home energy is showing up in your life!
Tarot Tarot
*Proud* - "Be proud of who you are, where you've been and where you're going".

   ♈       ♉       ♊       ♋       ♌     ♍      ♎      ♏      ♐       ♑      ♒      ♓      

For those of you who chose the Zodiac Sign pile, we have Capricorn energies coming in with *Balance* and *Skills*. Capricorn is showing us the energies of hard work, endurance and material achievement – even if this should take years, Capricorn keeps going with its eyes firmly set on the goal destination in the horizon and WILL come out of it all with great success. If you work hard and focused, you cannot loose...ever. Through giving everything you have to a project of any kind, you have set the intention of - in time – reaching a conclusion/solution to it all. So, here is a message of asking yourself how you want to proceed and why you are doing things the way you are. Does it make any sense to you the path you have chosen or do your heart beat for something else in life? If you are so fortunate as to have found your special skill in life, then you definitely should make use of that. Actually, that is your job here on the planet to do so – and showing up surrounded by Capricorn energies there is an extra reminder here as to how important this is. Great skills oblige, so find the balance between the ”keep going - keep going - keep going”- mode and “is this really worth it?”- attitude. When in combination with different planet positions in your natal chart (depending on the houses, signs and elements), Capricorn energy must be under well regulation so that you do not burn out eventually on this strict and demanding path. Capricorn is a cardinal sign which means that is likes to initiate new things and projects, and perhaps this is pointing out to you that now is the perfect time to begin learning something totally new to broaden your horizon. As you are dealing with the 10th house here (career, life purpose) it could emphasize something work related OR if you feel that you are on a soul travel at the moment when coming across this message, perhaps you will find that this speaks to you of using your own inner power, hobbies, unusual skills, etc. in a more life purpose full way – going beyond the traditions and moral rules. You are dealing with a serious energy here in whatever personal situation you may find yourself in, and so it is important to have a detailed, thorough look at what is going on in the particular house you find Capricorn in your natal chart. Do not take things lightly, do the job that you feel is required here. And remember to have a goal/dream/purpose with whatever you decide to do – Capricorn is referring to the earth element that includes the signs of Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn, all slow moving, feminine, solid energies. Things take time, you WILL prevail – Happy New Year to All !
The universal energies of Capricorn reside in the 10th house ruled by the planet Saturn. The 10th house is about your achievements, career and status in the world and your life purpose. Saturn is about responsibility, authority, rules and laws, limitations, endurance, time, karma, “what you see is what you get”, everything that is visible to us (as Saturn is the last planet in our solar system that can be seen with the naked eye, before we move to the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – not being visible with the naked eye). Look for Capricorn in your natal chart and see which house it is in and which planets you may have here as well. This will all together bring you more detailed insights on the area/s of life in which this energy is showing up for you and how to approach it!
Tarot Tarot Tarot
*Balance* - "It's time to find balance in your life. What is most important to you?". *Skills* - "It's time to learn some new skills - study a course or start a new hobby".

    ♈       ♉       ♊       ♋       ♌     ♍      ♎      ♏      ♐       ♑      ♒      ♓      

If you need a little extra support to feel fully encouraged and ready for 2021, find the soothing tunes of it here😊 ABBA - Happy New Year 🎶🎶 😊

Love to all !
Decks used: Astrology Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert/ Richard Crookes; Divine Directions by Jade-Sky

TAROT DE MARSEILLE CARD READING/ Waiting for News and Initiation while Building Up Our Inner Wisdom and Power/ January 6th 2021:

Tarot Tarot
Bottom cards/ General energies

Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot

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Love to all !
Deck used: Tarot de Marseille by Lo Scarabeo

ASTRO – TAROT CARD READING/ Guidance from the astral realm; the Star People/ Cards pulled on January 6th 2021:
(If you would like to know more about the Star People, whom we are interconnecting with through our higher-self as we are all One, please tune in to my YouTube channel and some of my first videos – you will find more info there).

Tarot Tarot
Tarot Tarot Tarot

Tarot Tarot
Bottom cards/ General energies

Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot Tarot
Major Arcana Cards                                                                                                                       Minor Arcana Cards

Cards of Advice:
Tarot      Tarot Tarot

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Looking for some exercise to keep a healthy state of mind?👉💐☯ Qigong Flow For Brain Optimization ☯🌻

If you have any questions about any of the issues in this reading, feel free to contact me. I am trying to offer quick readings, as my readings would be too long if I had to move into every detail. Thank you for joining, stay inspired and keep inspiring each other – we are in intriguing times! Share your empathy and shine your inner loving light! Love is ALWAYS needed...and so are YOU.

Love to all !
Decks used: Astrology Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert/ Richard Crookes; Tarot de Marseille by Lo Scarabeo; The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell/ Danielle Noel


Due to some technical issues it is not possible for me to upload my videos at the moment. Please go to the readings above!
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***💖💕 MESSAGES FROM PASSED ON LOVED ONES, PERSONAL SPIRIT GUIDES, SPIRIT MASTERS, or whom or what you may regard as your personal guidance coming in through your higher-self moving your consciousness to connect with the electrical impulses coming from our solar system, galaxy, universe, cosmos. Let the cards speak to you just as they are, hopefully providing you with answers to your questions or inspiration on how to work deeper with yourself and on certain aspects of your life - listen to the knock on the door/s being opened up for you, listen to the messages they are bringing into your life. Cards pulled on January 12th 2021 if this date holds any specific meaning to you...Enjoy! Loving blessings to you! 💕💖***

Love to all !
Decks used: Messages from Heaven by Jacky Newcomb; Divine Doors by Andrés Engracia

Tarot   This card came jumping out of the deck when I was preparing the reading shuffling the cards...so an overall energy showing up through out the entire message...

Tarot Tarot Tarot   *Patience* - "Everything soon will come to light. And then you will see things will be all right". *A Stranger's Grace* - "Ego fears the sudden danger. But never underestimate the kindness of a loving stranger".

Tarot Tarot Tarot  *A Cure for Longing* - "Love is happiness, a spark inside. Live deliberately and choose boldly; then you have arrived". *Anthony's Call* - "In thanks of my spirit, safe and sound. All things that are lost so can be found".

...*Feel-good, divine piece of music* - Michael Jackson - Remember the Time...Enjoy🎶 🎶


These cards are pulled on January 15th 2021, so if this specific date/time of year holds any personal meaning to you please add that to the messages coming through as well. As always, my readings are meant as an inspiration for you to begin to tap into your intuition as a tool to improve your life circumstances if that is what you need. Whatever may come through to you when looking at the cards and their colours, text, etc. please do not count that out, but gently receive what is coming with an open mind, holding no judgement. Hope you find the answers you seek at this time in your life. Enjoy and many blessings to you - wishing you the best of courage wherever you are in the world in these changing times!

Love to all !
Decks used: Angel Power Wisdom Cards by Gaye Guthrie/ Hiroyuki Satou; Personal Destiny’s Oracle by HerLanguage

Tarot Tarot   Tarot

Tarot Tarot Tarot

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  ⚛ A SOUL'S HOME-CALLING CARD PULL/ January 15th 2021 :

As timelines are meeting up and stronger closer connections to a deeper cosmic wisdom are opening for us, I am in this reading pulling some cards for those of you who feel extremely sensitive, empathic, and drawn to the stars more than anyone else you know. If you resonate with the words "lightworker starseed" (someone who feels drawn to know what is REALLY going on underneath our way of conventional living; feels drawn to the stars and planets with a strong sense of “homesickness” towards them or has a longing for other realms, galaxies, universes, etc.; doesn’t feel quite at home on this planet), please join me on this journey of coming more into alignment with your soul, higher self, future “you”. Let yourself dream away, knowing that your dreams and imagination are leading you towards your purpose in life!

The interpretation of the cards I leave completely up to you as this reading was done with the intention of assisting those of you out there who feel that this speaks to you in a very personal way and as such this is not a general reading for the collective. Please go to my web page Galactic Energy if you would like to know more about how the energy from Cosmos affects our bodies, minds, and emotions. Enjoy!

To support your cosmic energy while floating into space, please tap into this beautiful healing piece of music🎶 🎶 Gavin DeGraw - Change is Going to Come 🎶 🎶 🌟 🌠 ⭐

Love to all of you precious lightworker starseeds🌠 out there !
Decks used: Astrology Reading Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert/ Richard Crookes; The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell/ Danielle Noel; Sweet Dreams by Rose Inserra

Tarot Tarot
Please look in your natal chart to find out the placement (house, sign) of your personal Venus and of your eighth house (planet positions, universal energies in this house) to find out what this means for you on a more personal level. Planets are talking about how we show up and the houses are pointing to the specific life areas.

*Venus* - "The part of you that desires beauty, success, indulgence and valuables". *Eighth House* - "This transformational area of your life is about shared resources and intense emotions".

Tarot Tarot
*Called* - "Soul gifts and training. It's time to step up". *Star Bathing* - "Light body. Crystal grid. Transmission. Activation".

Tarot Tarot Tarot
These three cards came out together

*The Seven Star Sisters* - "Birthing creations. Tapestry of life. Expression". *Fall into my Arms* - "Surrender. Holding the opposites. Extremes of life". *Lifting the Veil* - "Questioning everything. Anything unaligned must go".

For those of you who experience a lot of dream activity during your sleep - perhaps new kinds of dreams/dream structures or first experiences of dreaming in general:

Tarot   Tarot
*Vulnerability* - "I allow myself to be vulnerable and honour my inner grace, wisdom and beauty". *Destiny* - "My dreams show me that I am the co-creator of my life and destiny".

Tarot Tarot
These two cards came out together

*Change* - "I embrace change in this new day and I adapt to what is to come". *Welcome* - "When I dream I invite limitless magic into my life and I welcome my spirit guides to show up in wondrous and unexpected ways".


The cards below are pulled on the January 13th New Moon/ Capricorn 2021. So, if this particular date/time holds any personal meaning to you, please add it to the fairy messages as well. Like wise, the numbers and colours on the cards might hold personal meanings to you. If so, please take in the message you intuitively feel each number and colour brings to you. Perhaps not all the messages from these cards will resonate with your personal journey/question, so take with you what FEELS right and leave the rest behind. Hope you will find that some, if not all, of these cards will speak their magical language to you. I always pull the fairies' cards around new and full moons, so stay tuned! Enjoy and thank you fairy much for joining!

Love to all !
Deck used: The Fairies' Oracle by Brian Froud/ Jessica Macbeth; Spellcasting Oracle Cards by Flavia Kate Peters/ Barbara Meiklejohn-Free/ Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Tarot     Tarot Tarot     Tarot

Tarot Tarot

To listen to the Fairies' Oracle Reading, please push the Play button😊 - Thank you for tuning in!


If you wish the soft, gentle music of the fairies to assist you on your path (perhaps while meditating on the messages just received), you will find it here. Enjoy!😊

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These cards are pulled on December 25th 2020, so if this specific date/time of month or year holds any personal meaning to you, please add it to the messages coming through from the animal cards as well. Likewise, if the numbers and colours on the cards hold specific personal meanings to you take that in too to apply the messages. My readings are focused on the energies coming through to us as a collective and so the reading may not resonate with your personal journey in details – take with you what feels inspirational and right. Leave the rest behind. I hope you will find some support and joy in the animal messages for the purpose of leading your life in a direction of living more purposefully, using ALL of your skills, gifts, and true potential.

Love to all !
Decks used: The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid; The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

If you would like to indulge yourself further into the spirit realm of the animals, I leave this light piece of music full of wonder for you Power Animals & Native Nights.

Tarot Tarot
As I prepared for this reading, one card jumped out of each card deck – Ant *Time to collaborate* (1) and Ace of Wands. Throughout the reading these two cards will hold a deeply personal message for you – something that only resonates with you. Ants are normally quite busy and hardworking animals, building their homes with very specific structures and hierarchies, knowing that if one fails in this work chain the whole pyramid will fall. Through collaboration anything becomes possible and so, now the time has come for you to build a constructive, solid foundation from where your passion, eternal flame, soul can thrive – the energy of Ace of Wands also referring to the area of your physical approach or appearance; how you treat your body through nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc. and how you choose to show up in your relationship and how you take on creative things through different hobbies perhaps. Ace of Wands talks about the fire element – passion, drive, action – and a new fresh start in your personal strength (DNA), and as already mentioned your relationships and creative hobbies/self-expression. Some kind of attention or work is required here – the final pieces of the puzzle need to be found and put into their rightful places. Please bear this in mind as well when reading on. Enjoy!

First card from the Spirit Animal deck is the eagle (23) which has a greater overview than most birds as it can fly higher than anyone else. It holds the bigger picture and has a sharp sight and reacts in only few seconds when it has its target on the core. So, here we can lean back in the “arms” of this wonderful, big, flying creature that in many cultures is regarded as a physical symbol of God/Spirit. Ask what this could be reminding you of – do you need to see a situation more from above? Have you lost track of where you feel you are going in certain areas of life? If this is the case for you, this card tells you to go inwards and connect with your higher self and through that moving further out in the universal electro-magnetic grid that keeps everything interconnected. You cannot go wrong here, “Spirit has you back”, so explore😊!

The second card to show up from this deck is the bat (5). I find this somewhat mystical creature quite fascinating and it literally shows us that sometimes things change when viewing them from a reversed position! Perhaps that is why the bat is a symbol of transition and in some cases deep, but rather swift, transformation. We are here reminded that after a period of time with many changes there always come new openings and possibilities. We can always start a fresh, try to see things differently and have a closer look at what we potentially COULD change in our lives even though we might feel stuck and stagnant in some areas. Whatever we decide to do here, we are “assured” a “rebirth”.

Tarot Tarot
With the Justice card showing up with Ten of Wands when moving on to the Wild Unknown Tarot, we are shown the energies that we receive through our innermost/eternal flame/soul, being of a divine mastered character. This means that we have been very committed to our soul mission, carrying our burdens ALL the way; showing up in our everyday life situations with drive, passion, strength and with a strong touch of diplomacy while setting things straight. All happening in alignment with the hierarchical divine order to make sure that situations fall into place/end up for the greater good of everyone involved. Totally integrating the electro-magnetic impulses from the universal energy grid is not something small. It is a journey of the soul, perceiving through the third eye, our emotions and senses – connecting the impulses received through the brain with the impulses coming through in our hearts. In other words, a journey of using our intuition.

Tarot Tarot
Reading the bottom cards – the Magician and Son of Pentacles – and the general energies of the near future, new creative and magical steps lie before us. I feel that a new beginning is very much underlined as we have both the first card of the major arcana’s (energy “headlines”), the Magician (1), the first card from the Spirit Animal deck Ant (1) and Ace of Wands (1) from the Wild Unknown Tarot. As the Magician can be combined with both the Ant and Ace of Wands separately, we get the number eleven (or two (1+1), however this resonates with you personally). The number eleven is a master number, talking about manifesting, visualizing with extraordinary energy and power. Further, the Magician talks about how to joggle the different elements in our lives – in how we design our material lives, routines, work situations and careers, money issues. In this area of life, we will become our own authority showing up with more self-confidence, perhaps even for some of you turning something into your own business. Things will not change overnight as Son of Pentacles is quite slow and steady moving, but he is a solid builder, and we can rely on reaching new shores in time. The Magician is also a reminder to us that we are co-creators ourselves (being the spark of divine light, Creation), so how fast we want to move along is indeed also up to us. When we go “higher” in our perception of things, relying truthfully on our own inner knowing, not being fearful of what we might meet in changing times - almost forcing us to question our viewpoints and whether they are still trustworthy or not - we will connect with a new kind of drive, passion and strength inviting us into a more mystical/magical world holding brand-new insights on how we ALSO could build and design our earth lives.

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